• YORK STS COLLEGIATE RACK, ITEM 55054, 4 Oct 22, Now $899

    The York Collegiate Rack was designed to meet a demand where sometimes certain gyms are limited in space. Many gyms do not have the space to accommodate a Power Rack or a Half Rack. However, a robust solution for athletes to train safely is expected and the York College Rack is the answer to this requirement. Manufactured from the same steel as the York STS Power Rack and the STS Half Rack, this rack offers the user an even more robust and stable option.

    The special feature of this Rack are the stainless steel hooks with safety slot design to prevent unintentional disengagement of the bar holder. Adjustable to 15 positions every 7.6 cm for a wide selection of height adjustment.

    Color Silver Only, Comes With 

    1) STS Single Bar Holders- One Pair (54012)
    2) Bench Stringer- Steel Cross Member That The STS Multi Function Bench Can Be Attached (54008)
    3) Stainless Steel Hook-Plates-Adjustable To 15 Positions On 3' Centre Increments
    4) Two Welded Vertical Bar Holders
    5) 7'Olympic, 2" Bar Sold Separate, Rated 1000 lb, 
    6) Weights Sold Separate

    67″ (H) x 49 5/8″ (W) x 50″ (D)

    York Collegiate-Rack Options Item #  


    Multi-Function Bench (White)    54004
    Technique Scoops (Pair)           54010
    Safety Spot Arms (Pair,)            54011
    Single Bar Holder (Pair)           54012
    Dip Attachment                    54013
    Inset for Collegiate Rack            54252
    Multi-Function Bench (Silver)     55004

    Price Updated 29 Nov 2021
    4 Oct 2022, Price Updated