• YORK LEGACY PRECISION CALIBRATED OLYMPIC PLATES,ITEM# 29030-2.5LB, ITEM 29031-5LB, ITEM 29032-10LB, ITEM 29033-25LB, ITEM 29034-35LB, ITEM 29035-45LB, ITEM 29036-100LB


    27 May 2021 Now Avilable,  Now $2.40lb

    These plates carry the York legacy as well as a dedication to being precisely calibrated within 2% of the indicated weight. The Legacy plate offers a milled backing and edge, making these plates sleek, smooth, and attractive to the eye. Load up your bar with confidence knowing that your plates are precise, attractive, and a piece of weightlifting history.

    The York Elite Olympic Training Bar has a minimum tensile strength of 190,000 PSI after heat treating. This bar features high-quality North American steel. It is an excellent choice for Olympic Style movements. A center knurling is featured on the 28mm bar and ferrous bushings ensure a smooth consistent rotation of the 16” loadable sleeves.

    Weight Diameter Thickness

    45Lb 17.5"          1.5"

    35Lb 14.875"          1.375"

    25Lb 12"                  1.25"

    10Lb 9.125"          1"

    5Lb         7.5"                   0.75"

    2.5Lb 6.5"                   0.4375"