• YORK BLACK VINYL DUMBELL TREE/ STAND/RACK, SMALL OR LARGE, ITEM 1259, $19.99, 29 Nov 2021, Now Available, $19.99

    York Barbell Economy Dumbbell Stand/Rack/ Small or Large, Item 1259 Or 1269, $19.99, Now Available, 29 Nov 2021 

    This York economy dumbbell stand small or large,is perfect for apartments or other small spaces.  It is made of thick black plastic and holds 3 pairs of small increment dumbbells in a pleasing pyramid shape.  The shelves recess slightly to allow for a smooth “rolling in” of the dumbbell handle.  The small stature is right at home on a counter or tabletop.price the same for small or large. price $19.99 for the large or small rack

    York lightweight storage racks/trees for the York Fitness vinyl-dipped dumbbells. They each hold up to 3 pairs. The large rack is better for 5.5lb and above dumbbells, whilst the small is better suited to the 0.5 - 5lb dumbbells.

    Weight: 2 lbs

    By Order, Call For Details

    Price Updated 29 Nov 2021