The Multi-Function Rack is an extended version of our Half Rack. We expanded the versatility of the Half Rack by adding a pair of uprights complete with hook-plates 42" in front of the rear uprights creating a modified Power Rack. The Multi-Function Rack combines the safety aspect of the Power Rack's interior spotting arms while accommodating for every option available for use on the outside of the rack through the use of Reverse Hook Attachment options. With the addition of the Multi-Function Bench, the rack enables athletes to perform all of the industry accepted core primary and secondary strength exercises safely and efficiently.

    The YORK® Multi-Function Rack comes standard with:

    1 X Combo Grip Pull-up Bar – one, 8’ high, 28 mm knurled, solid cold rolled steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.
    2 X Double bar holders – one pair. (#54001)
    1 X Interior Safety Spot Arms – one pair. (#54011)
    1 X Bench stringer – one. (#54008)
    1 X Weight storage – Scuff-resistant weight storage pegs for 45, 35, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5 lbs plates.
    1 X Stainless steel hook-plates – rear upright is adjustable to 19 positions on 3” center increments, accommodating a wide range of heights. The front upright is adjustable to 15 positions on 3” center increments.
    2 X Two welded vertical bar holders.

    Bench and Spot Arms Sold Separately


    73" (L) x 67" (W) x 96" (H)

    Inside dimensions: 

    42" between uprights width

    YORK® Multi-Function Rack Options

    Item #

    Double Bar Holder (Pair) 54001 - $319
    Reverse Technique Scoops (Pair) 54002 - $759
    Reverse Safety Spot Arms (Pair, shown) 54003 - $329
    Multi-Fucntion Bench (White) 54004 - $499
    Reverse Dip Attachment 54005 - $289
    Single Bar Holder (Pair) 54012 - $299 

    Inset for multi-function rack – 54000, 55000 or power rack or triple combo rack power rack side – 67.25” 54250
    Multi-Function Bench (Silver) 55004


    Dimensions 42” width between uprights
    Inside dimensions Length 76” x Width 67” x Height 96”

    Bench, Reverse Exterior Safety Spotters & Weights Not Included.

    By Order, Call For Details

    Price Updated 29 Nov 2021

    3 Aug 2022 Put On Web