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    This durable York dumbbell bench press brings a touch of style to training with weights. Use the bench with a set of dumbbells to work your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders. This bench features an easy adjustable back – from flat to 90 degrees in seconds. Also, 3 weight storage rungs add easy storage for your York Fitbells. The sturdy construction combined with York’s standards of design give the benches a professional feel in the comfort of your own home.

    Unit Dimensions

    Length: 40 ½”
    Width: 20 ½”
    Height: 18 ¾”
    Pad Dimensions
    Back Length: 27 ¾”
    Seat Length: 13 ¾”
    Width: 10 ½”
    Adjustable Back Degree Options
    0, 25, 45, 85, 90

    Total Shipping Weigh Is 230lb, this weight is divided between 11 different pcs

    1 box of pair of rubber hex 5lb dumbbells
    1 box of pair of rubber hex 10lb dumbbells
    1 box of pair of rubber hex 15lb dumbbells
    1 box of pair of rubber hex 20lb dumbbells
    1 box of pair of rubber hex 25lb dumbbells
    1 box adjustable bench 6912, 
    1 box 2 tier 5lb-25lb mini dumbbell stand, weight 40lb, 45107

    This complete package will fit in a Mini Van, SUV, Hatch Back, Pick Up Truck, Station Wagon, & Most Mid-Size or larger Cars  

    6 Dec 2022, Web Updated