• YORK BARBELL SPINLOCK EZ CURL VINYL BARBELL SET, ITEM 1154, 23 Oct 2021, Now Available, $22.99

    York Spinlock EZ Curl Vinyl Barbell Set item 1154, $22.99, 22 Oct 2021, Now Available 

    The York Barbell Spinlock Vinyl EZ Curl Barbell Set is Traditionally used for curl or row exercises the "W" shape allows grip variation which eases the strain placed on the wrists and elbows when lifting.  Great for adding variation to your upper and lower body workouts the EZ curl bar comes with a wall chart of exercises for easy reference.  Complete with York vinly weights plates.


    5 LB Vinyl Plates – Quantity 6
    Spinlock EZ Curl Bar – Quantity 1
    Spinlock Collars – Quantity 2
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Dimensions: 48 × 11 × 3 in

    By Order, Call For Details

    Price Updated 22 Oct 2021