• YORK BARBELL, PRO SERIES 204 SQUAT RACK, ITEM 4232, 29 Nov 2021 Now Availabl,$299.99

    York Pro Serials 204 Squat Rack, Item 4232, $299.99,  Now Available, 29 Nov 2021

    York Barbell Pro Series Line is a favorite among fitness studios and home fitness enthusiasts. The smaller size and lighter weight allow for easy movement during workouts, making it ideal for aerobic classes, residential, apartment and hotel usage. The sturdy construction combined with York’s standards of design give the benches a professional club feel in the comfort of your own home.

    Squat Rack Features:

    Telescoping barbell supports to accommodate multiple positions of bench press and squats
    Quick and easily adjustable safety spotters to protect the user while performing exercise inside the rack
    5 safety spotter settings
    Excellent for every angle of bench press from flat to incline and for squats
    Two weight plate holders built on to the rack for plate storage
    Easy to adjust width settings to accommodate smaller work spaces
    2″x 2″ bent steel frame

    Squat Rack Bench Press-Bench not included

    (Only use with 4223  &  4240) Adjustable upright width 30 1/2” from to 49 1/2”

    Weight              78 lbs
    Dimensions        65 × 24 × 6 in
    Footprint      38 x 64.5 x 37.5 in

    By Order, Call For Details

    Price Updated 29 Nov 2021