• YORK BARBELL HEX DUMBBELLS PREMIUM COATED PVC NO SMELL, AVAILABLE FROM 5LBS TO 50LBS, ITEM # 37001, 37003, 37005, 37007, 37009, 37011, 37012, 37013, 37014, 37015, (37030), 29 Nov 2021,Now Available, $1.88/ lb


    York, Premium, PVC No Smell, Hex Dumbbells With Chrome Ergo Handles Sale,$1,88lb, Now Available, 29 Nov 2021,

    Sizes 5lb - 50lb, Item #  37001,37003, 37005, 37001, 3709,,37011, 37012, 37013, 37014, 37015 37030, 

    Also Available 5lb to 50lb Pvc No Smell Dumbbell Set, Total Weight Of 550lbs,Item 37030, Now $999.00

    Ideal for any gym but perfect for small spaces due to the lack of a rubber odor, the York Barbell Premium PVC coated dumbbells were developed with York’s enduring standard of performance and function.  These dumbbells feature a heavily contoured ergonomic chrome handle with aggressive knurling for a tight grip.  The premium PVC coating increases durability, protects flooring and equipment, diminishes noise and is easy to clean.  The attractive chrome handle and jet-black dumbbell heads compliment most work out spaces and the hexagonal shape prevents unwanted rolling.The premium PVC coating increases durability, protects flooring and equipment, diminishes noise and is easy to clean



    Premium PVC Coating = No Smell Or Odor

    No Toxic Smell 

    Premium ergo Handles

    Ergonomic Grips

    Chrome Handles

    Diminishes Noise

    Textured jet black PVC

    Excellent knurling for a non-slip grip

    More Consistent coating than "Virgin Rubber Dumbbells"

    Sizes Available

    1pc Item 37001,    5lb York,Premium PVC, Hex Dumbbell, $9.40 

    1pc Item 37003,  10lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$18.80 

    1pc Item 37005,  15lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$28.20

    1pc Item 37007,  20lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$37.60

    1pc,Item 37009, 25lb York, Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$47.00

    1pc,Item 37011,   30lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$56.40

    1pc,Item 37012,   35lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$65.80

    1pc,Item 37013,   40lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$75.20

    1pc,Item 37014,   45lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$84.60

    1pc,Item 37015,  50 lb York,Premium PVC Hex Dumbbell,$94.00

    Also Available  York Barbell PVC No Smell Hex Dumbbell 10 Pair Set, From 5lb-50lb, Total Weight 550lbs, Item 37030, Sale Price $999

    By Order, Call For Details.

    Price Updated 29 Nov 2021 

    2 March 2022, Web Updated