• YORK BARBELL ISO-GRIP CAST IRON OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATES- BLACK, 2.5 LB, 5 LB, 10 LB, 25 LB, 35 LB, 45 LB, ITEM # 29010, 29011, 29012, 29013 , 29014, 29015, 29 Nov 2021, Now Available $2.00 lb


    York Barbell Olympic  ISO-Grip 2" Cast Iron Weight Plates - Black,  2.5lb - 45lb, $2.00 lb29 Nov 2021, Now Available, Item 29010, 29011, 29012, 29013, 29014, 29015  

    York Barbell applied an ingenious innovation to the standard multi-hole grip plate and developed the “ISO-Grip” Plates, clearly the most maneuverable, safest plate in the industry today.

    The ISO-Grip Plate is the industry’s answer to a 360-degree easy-pick-up plate cleverly achieved by casting the hub thicker than the rim. The patent-pending, radical benefit of a thicker hub and a streamlined rim is the anti-pinch nature of using the plates. The streamlined rim ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced maneuverability with its 3-grip design. The steel composite casting coating makes these plates highly durable. Perfect for school weight rooms, in-home gyms, and commercial settings.


    Durable inner steel composite plate.

    Innovative anti-pinch design

    360 degree pick up plate, featuring 3 grip design.

    Safe for plate loading, pick up from ground and functional work

    Ideal for home gyms, schools and colleges.

    Full commercial gym grade plate

    Plates are Olympic 2″ size.

    Designed to fit Olympic 2″ bars.

    The innovative anti-pinch design ensures safe loading of the plates onto bars and equipment

    29010, 2.5 LB, York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $5.00    

    29011, 5 LB, York Barbell 2"   ISO-Grip Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $10.00       

    29012, 10 LB, York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $20.00       

    29013, 25 LB, York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip  Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $50.00     

    29014, 35 LB, York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $70.00     

    29015, 45 LB, York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip Black Steel Olympic Weight Plates, $90.00  

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    29 Nov 2021 Price Updated 

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