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YORK BARBELL 9001,11 X 2" BAR STAND / STORAGE RACK, ITEM 6916, 4 Oct 22, Now $99

This York 9001 weight bar stand is perfect for commercial settings and holds eleven 2” Olympic barbells vertically.  This bar holder is made of commercial grade steel and the shape prevents tipping while loading and unloading the barbells.  The small footprint frees up floor space and the attractive black finish compliments other equipment.  This stand is a great alternative for fitness clubs that are not able to hang barbells on the wall and makes it easy for users to choose a bar.  The double sided format allows for easy access from either side.

Holds 11 bars 2" 

Weight: 54 lbs

Box Dimensions: 29 × 26 × 14 in

29 Nov 2021 Price Updated

4 Oct 2022, Web Updated