• YORK BARBELL 2" BLACK SOLID RUBBER TRAINING BUMPER PLATES,10 LB, 15 LB, 25 LB, 35 LB, 45 LB, ITEM # 29067, 29068, 29069, 29070, 29071, Now Available, 29 Nov 2021

    York Barbell 2" Black Solid Rubber Training Bumber Plates, Now Available  29 Nov 2021

    The YORK Solid Rubber Bumper plates are built tough to last long so you dont have to worry about broken plates. The high density rubber construction will help reducing the bounce and sound. Perfect for affiliates, fitness center, performance facilities, home gyms, etc.

    These York plates are made to withstand power and strength, YORK USA Training Bumper Plates are extremely durable, while giving excellent flooring protection during your workouts. These training bumpers are made with abusive workouts in mind, so you will benefit from deadlifts, push press, squats, snatches, and chest press performance. The training bumper stands as the best choice for Olympic-style lifting.

    10 Lb, Item   29067,  $30.00          

    15 Lb, Item   29068,  $37.50            

    25 Lb, Item   29069,   $57.50     

    35 Lb, Item   29070,   $78.40    

    45 Lb, Item   29071,   $99.00                  

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    4 Jan 2022, Prices Updated