YORK 2" G-2 ISO-GRIP RUBBER OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATES, 2.5LB, 5LB, 10LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB, ITEM # 29078, 29020, 29021, 29022 , 29023, 29024, 29025

York Barbell 2" ISO-Grip Rubber Olympic Weight Plates, out of stock, new  prices have not been updated yet

York applied an ingenious innovation to the standard multi-hole grip plate and developed the “ISO-Grip” Plates, clearly the most maneuverable, safest plate in the industry today.The York 2" ISO-Grip Plate is the industry’s answer to a 360-degree easy-pick-up plate cleverly achieved by casting the hub thicker than the rim. The patent-pending, radical benefit of a thicker hub and a streamlined rim is the anti-pinch nature of using the plates. The streamlined rim ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced maneuverability with its 3-grip design. The steel composite casting combined with the rubber coating makes the plates highly durable. Perfect for school weight rooms, in-home gyms, and commercial settings.

Product Specifications:

Weight             2½ Lb           5 Lb      10 Lb          25Lb          35 Lb            45 Lb  
Item #                29020           29021          29022         29023         29024,         29025
Cost $                 $6.21           $12.50          $24.99       $62.49        $87.48         $112.48

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