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  • YORK 14" LONG SOLID STEEL, 2 DUMBELLS WITH SPINLOCK COLLARS, Now Available 16 June 2021, $39.99

    York 14” 2pc Solid Steel Spinlock Dumbbell Handles w/ Collars, Item 6093, $39.99, (Pair) 16 June 2021, Now Available 

    The York Barbell 14” Long Solid Steel 1" Spinlock Dumbbell Handles w/ Collars features two 14” long spinlock dumbbell handles in the set. These spinlock dumbbell handles offer a 4 7/16” collar and come with four spinlock collars to secure your 1” standard plates. Spinlock Dumbbell Handles are easy to use and can be utilized by beginners and advanced weightlifters. Each handle features a brilliant chrome finishing to increase durability as well as complement your York Barbell standard plates.


    Fits 1" Standard style plates 
    Chrome plated
    Metal knurled grip
    Spin lock design ensures safety while working out
    Weighs approx. 4lb each
    14" length
    Item 6093


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