YORK 1" 110 LB CONTOUR CAST IRON SPINLOCK SET ITEM 2021, 7 Jan 2022, Now Available, $233.26

York 1" 110lb Contour Cast Iron Spinlock Barbell/Dumbell Set Sale, Item 2021, $232.26, 7 Jan 2022, Now Available 

The York Barbell Contour Cast Iron Dumbbell / Barbell Spinlock Set is a 1” Standard Plate and Bar Set. This set features the ability to build you own dumbbells with 14” dumbbell handles and several options of weight plates. The 6’ standard barbell can be utilized to do basic training exercises with moderate weight. Change and secure your plates with the easy to use spin lock collars. Save time, space, and money with this easy to use spinlock set. This is a great set for those who are new to weightlifting or for those who want to have versatility without a lot of equipment.

Also Available for sale york 1" Contour cast iron plates sold seperately, 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 50lb


6 – 2 ½ Lb
6 – 5 Lb
4 – 10 Lb
1 – 6’ Standard Bar
2 – 14” Dumbbell Handles
6 – 1” Spin Lock Collars

By Order, Call For Details

7 Jan 2022, Price Updated