The Diamondback Studio Cycle 1260Sc spin bike is a value purchase for beginners and intermediate riders. The heavy-duty 31-lbs. flywheel will give the stability needed as you increase your power and strength. The 16 levels of resistance are enough for all levels to be challenged, build stamina and tone muscles. The console is large enough to view your stats and progress without having to disrupt your ride. It doesn’t come with a selection of built in programs but it is ANT compatible and will connect with devices and apps – Garmin, Strata, Wahoo, IOS app – that offer monitoring capabilities and interactive videos.

    The seat and handlebar are adjustable – up, down, backward, forward – allowing for a comfortable ride, as long as you are in the weight and height capacity of up to 300 lbs. and between 5’2”- 6’5”. Pedals can be flipped to be used for SPD or clip in for those who like the sensation of a road bike.  The power generated is all yours – there are no power cords to plug in – this means you can essentially move it anywhere in the house or outdoors without worrying about needing to be close to a power outlet. 


    Resistance levels: It comes with 16 resistance levels, this wide range means it will be challenging for most, even advanced fitness levels.

    31 lbs. magnetic resistance flywheel: The weight of this flywheel gives it  stability and strength as you maneuver through resistance levels – whether they are high or low.

    Digital Console: The console is a large enough size to view your stats comfortably without having to break your ride or concentration; they are watt output, calories, load, heart rate, rpm, distance and time. It doesn’t have any set programs but it can be connected via ANT to apps and devices that offer live interactive streaming or videos.

    Adjust to comfort: The seat and handlebar can be moved adjusted up, down, back or forward for your comfort. As well the multi-position handlebar is designed to accommodate for standing or leaning while riding.

    Pedals: Pedals can be used as SPD or clip in – for those who want to feel like a road bike.

    Power: It is powered by you, the user therefore it can be used anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet.

    Commercial grade: Because it’s good enough for a gym –durability – it means that it will  be strong and accommodate users up to 300 lbs. and 5’2” – 6’5”.

    Easy to move: Transport wheels make it easy to move to the patio or store away.

    Rear wheel: Because the user will be sitting and leaning forward there will be less sweat falling unto the wheel – which helps with the long life and low maintenance.

    Built-in Programs: On the console, the essential stats are available to monitor your progress but there aren’t any built in programs. It’s easily rectified with a connection to your preferred app however, most bikes built now normally have a built in selection of programs to choose from.

    Dimensions (Assembled): 59″L x 23″W x 50″H

    Dimensions (Packaged): 51″L x 10″W x 38″H

    Shipping Weight: 147lb

    Product Weight: 130lb

    User Weight Capacity: 300lb

    User Height: 5'2" - 6'5"


    By order only, not in store,50% deposit on all orders, 211 Watline ave unit 101, or can be shipped from Mississauga to your home, call for shipping quote