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    15' feet round trampoline with safety enclosure net, industrial grade, deluxe platinum series, new in box with 10 yr warranty, comes with roll away wheels, easy to move by 1 person can move to cut lawn, this 15ft trampoline is adult & kid friendly & real safe for your kids & the who Family, there are no springs, or frame in the jumping area, they are located on the outside of the kids jumping area much safer. tightly woven industrial grade netting, stronger, prevents clothing from getting fingers from getting broken, the bumper pad is a deluxe extended scalloped UV Protected fabric, instead of the blue plastic tarp material that comes on most other trampolines, good for adults as well.

    Industrial Grade means: all of the frame, the jumping mat, the springs, the netting, the bumper pad are all heaver, thicker, and stronger and better quality then all our other trampolines, there are more springs, more legs, and more poles holding up the netting. for a better bounce, much more sturdier, safer and better look & finish


    Springs & Frame: is located on the outside of the kids jumping area not in side with your kids much safer for your kids so when your kids fall inside the jumping area, they will only land on the jumping mat or the netting, never will they hit the frame or fall through the springs

    Safety Enclosure Mesh: Is Safer It Is Durable, industrial grade thicker tightly woven synthetic safety enclosure mesh netting prevents kid’s fingers from getting caught or broken in the netting, prevents from snagging and prevents your kids from falling through the bottom of the net between the net and frame

    Main Frame: and Legs: Very Sturdy, Galvanized steel, strong welded joints. Zinc coated inside and out for rust resistance last 10 times longer

    Jumping Mat: Black: extra durable, high grade USA made jump mat, silk screened white center target. UV resistant 6 rows of perimeter stitching, has real good bounce.

    Wheels: comes with wheels on the left side of the frame this allow you to lift the opposite side of the trampoline to move your trampoline around to cut your lawn with out getting 6 guys to help you move it.

    6 legs around base instead of 4 legs, makes the trampoline a lot more stable on the ground & sturdier

    6 poles around the netting, instead of 4 poles, helps the netting to sit round and tight, instead of square and saggy  

    Springs: 96 pcs, chrome plated,7.25" long springs,1" thick makes for a great bounce, loading tool included. has a real good bounce, great for gymnastics, cheer leading or dance

    Safety Pad: is a deluxe extended scalloped UV protected fabric, not the cheap shiny vinyl tarp material like other trampolines use, covered safety pad and apron covers stitching, springs, and rail, Breathable nylon mesh underneath. Pad is stitched across to secure foam padding, prevent shifting.

    Shoe bag: for convenient storage of 3 pairs of shoes.

    Enclosure Frame: Galvanized steel, diameter, Zinc coated inside and out for logger rust resistance. Last 10 times longer

    Carton Size: 52” L x 22” W x 17” H 

    Gross Weight: 226.6 lbs/102.8 kg

    Trampoline  Warranty: 10 years frame,5 years mat fabric, 2 years mat stitching,1 year springs & safety pad,

    Enclosure  Warranty:   10 years net support poles,1 year metal hardware, 6 months pole pads

    The North American Distributor Of This Trampoline Is Located In Ont, Not In The USA Like Most All Other Trampoline Manufactures,Distributors,Or Suppliers Of Other Trampolines.this means no shipping,customs or duty fee's

    Pick Ups: available for pickups 7 days a week by appointment Call 416 566-6510, we live 15 minutes from our pick up location Lubeatread inc Home of fitness has been in business over 25 yrs now 

    Appointment Means: We no longer have set hours du to covet 19,and because we only live 15 minutes away from the pick location and it is easier to meet you at the pick up location & allows us to keep our prices low.

    All the trampolines come in 1 box, except the 17 there are 2 boxes, they will all fit in a Mini Van, S.U.V, Station Wagon. or Pic Up Truck, in the truck of your car & we tie trunk down, or in any small car you can take out of box & put the trampoline loose in trunk or back seat of your small car.

    Assemble: They are easy to assemble, & comes with assembly tool, we will show you a trick that will only take you roughly 1 hour to assemble & 1/2 hour to take down. Also delivery and set up available

    Long weekends: Were available on most long weekends for pick up so call and confirm 416 566 6510

    Shipping: across Ont or Canada: very good rates available call to get a quote on shipping or to arrange a pick up time,416 566 6510

    Taking Your Calls, Lubeatread;home of fitness taking your calls 7 days a week from 1130 am - 11 pm if you would like to order, or make appointment to pick up, or if you have any question please call us 416 566 6510


    • Safer: tightly woven safety enclosure mesh, prevents fingers from caught or broker or breakthrough

    • Safer: springs located on other side the jumping area, prevents landings on frame, pads and springs

    • Safer: Patented no gap enclosure eliminates gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface protecting children from pinch points & openings

    • Safer: Full-length zipper and buckle for safety net closure to ensure security and protection for the jumper

    • 1” Deluxe Softex fabric reinforced around top of netting,stops sagging

    • Assembled product dimensions: L 180” x W 180” x H 107”

    • 15’ Frame & Jumping Space Diameter: frame 15'x15’, Jumping Space 13’8” x 13’8”

    • Padded steel enclosure frame, poles are galvanized inside and out, last longer

    • Easy to assemble (spring loaded tool included)

    • Full coverage frame bumper safety pad,

    • UV resistant jumping mat and extra stitching for durability, and silk-screened centre target, 5 yr warranty

    • Durable, weather resistant galvanized  inside & outside of steel trampoline frame,10 yr warranty

    • Convenient shoe bag, holds 3 pairs of shoes

    • 6 frame legs instead of 4, much studier

    • 6 net poles instead of 4, net sits round and tight, not square & saggy

    • Roll away wheels, easy to move by 1 person, will not move when jumping

    • Deluxe and fabric extended scalloped composite safety pad, not the cheap blue tarp material

    • 96pcs galvanized springs, last longer, better bounce, and supports more weight

    • Industrial Grade, heavier frame, has more springs, better bounce, & good for kids & adults

    • Unique enclosure design prevents landings on frame, pads and springs

    • Fits in a Minivan, pickup truck, S.U.V, station wagon, cargo van, cube truck & most cars

    • Distributor is located in On, not the USA like most all other trampolines sold in Canada

    • Box Size: L 52” x W 22” x H 17”, box weight 220lbs

    • Warranty, 10yrs on frame,5 yrs on jumping mat, 2 yrs mat stitching, 1 yrs on springs & bumper pad, 90 days on everything else

    Industrial Grade means:

    Industrial Grade means: all of the frame, the jumping mat, the springs, the netting, and the bumper pad are all heaver, thicker, and stronger and better quality then all our other trampolines, there are more springs, more legs, and more poles holding up the netting. For a better bounce, much sturdier holds more weight, safer and a better look and finish

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