About Us

21 Jan 2021 
Due to Covet 19,  Lubeatread home of fitness, (& Trampolines) is no longer at 211 Watline ave unit 101, Miss, We are now renting space from KDM Logistics, new pick up location is at 6200 Ordan Drive, Miss, L5T-2B3, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 7 days a week, please call or text 416 566 6510 or email us at sales@homeoffitness.com to set a pick up time.

Lubeatread Home of Fitness has been selling fitness equipment and sporting goods for almost 28 years.  After growing to the point of filling a 6,000 square foot retail fitness store in Mississauga, Ontario, Lubeatread Home of Fitness decided to down-size from our retail store model to a separate warehouse.  At this time, we went from being open and staffed 7 days a week to now being available 7 days a week by appointment only,  This move has allowed us to lower our operating and overhead costs, further reducing our already discounted prices.Taking your calls from 11:30 am to 11 pm 7 days a week.

Hours Available For Pick Up

We are generally available for pick ups from 12 pm to 10 pm 7 days a week by appointment only so please call us first  to arrange a time to pick up the trampolines, or York Barbell new strength equipment, as we live 15 mins from pick up location , if you need to see us before 12 pm please call us after 11 am to confirm