New York Medicine Balls Sizes Available 6lb, 8lb,10lb,12lb,14lb,16lb, 20lbs

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26 july 2015 york medicine ball set 7

Medicine balls are one of the best and most versatile pieces of fitness equipment for personal training, sports conditioning and boot camps. The York Medicine Balls are available in weights from 6 to 20 Pounds. These classic strength training tools are ideal for use in core and balance-based exercises to maximize muscle-building and toning results, fast! These medicine balls are perfect for all personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp workouts because of their durable design -  they are designed to withstand even the most torturous workouts.


  • Medicine balls made from reinforced, composite rubber
  • High-quality manufacturing ensures this medicine ball will make it through the toughest training routines
  • Ideal for core training and countless medicine ball workouts
  • Increased grip from advanced outer shell design


 Item # 65106   6lb Medicine Ball $18.99  

 Item # 65108   8lb Medicine Ball $23.99

 Item # 65110  10lb Medicine Ball $28.99

 Item # 65112  12lb Medicine Ball $33.99

 Item # 65114  14lb Medicine Ball $38.99

 Item # 65116  16lb Medicine Ball $43.99

 Item # 65120  20lb Medicine Ball $48.99

The Medicine Balls are by order takes 1-3 business days to come in, call 416 566 6510