8' ft Trainor Sport Trampoline & Enclosure Come With Balloon Motion Activated Pump Inflates Balloon While Your Child Jumps 50 Balloons Included ,10 yr Warranty

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This 8'ft foot Trampoline and Safety Enclosure comes with a Trampoline  balloon Motion activated pump inflates balloon while your child jumps Interactive fun watch the balloon fly and whiz by while jumping, 50 balloons include,new in box with 10yr warranty on frame, 5yr on jumping,mat, 2yr on the stitching,by trainor sports, this trampoline is real safe for your kids, there are no springs, or frame in the jumping area, they are located on the outside of the kids jumping area. These trampolines are safer, Better quality & will last longer,and have a longer warranty then most all other trampolines, ask why

This 8' Trampoline and Enclosure with Trampballoon
Motion activated pump inflates balloon while your child jumps
Interactive fun - Watch the balloon fly and whiz by while jumping


  • Safer Trampoline For Your Kids: The springs & frame are located on the outside of the kids jupping area,this makes this trampoline way safer,now when your kids are jumping inside the netting they cant land on the
    springs and they cant fall through or land on any of the framing and get hurt.
  • Safety Enclosure Mesh: Is Safer It Is Durable, tightly woven synthetic enclosure mesh stops kids fingers from getting caught or broken in the netting, and stops from snagging and from falling through the bottom of the net,comes with a zipper and buckle door
  • Main Frame: and Legs: Very Sturdy, Galvanized steel, strong welded joints. Zinc coated inside and out for rust resistance last 10 times longer
  • Jumping Mat: Black, extra durable, high grade USA made jump mat, silk screened white center target. UV resistant 6 rows of perimeter stitching Silk-screened centre target helps jumper stay in the middle of the jumping surface
  • Easy to assemble (spring loading tool included)
  • Unique enclosure design helps prevent landing on frame and springs
  • Padded steel enclosure frame poles are galvanized inside and out
  • Durable, finely woven synthetic enclosure mesh
  • 50 balloons included
  • Full-coverage frame pad the buumpper pad covers all of the springs
  • Assembled product dimensions: L 96.00 inches x W 96.00 inches x H 105.00 inches x W 109.00 pounds
  • WarrantyTrampoline: 10 years frame,5 years on the jumpping mat, 2 years mat stitching,1 year springs & safety pad,
  • Warranty Enclosure: 10 years net support poles,1 year metal hardware, 6 months pole pads


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